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It’s 2022.  I know, I thought myself that maybe if I avoid referencing the year…maybe this year will be better than the last few in particular.

I frequently hear people talk (both professionally and personally) about having the grit to get through the year.  I’ve never been big on this sentiment or sometimes intended compliment.  The definition of grit: firmness of mind or spirit unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger (source www.merriam-webster.com).  Ok, it’s not horrible but here’s why it bothers me.  I think how people react in the face of good times is important too.  I worry implying just having unyielding courage is enough when things go bad.  Somehow I always hear “suck it up buttercup” and grit as the same thing in my mind. 

I prefer highlighting resiliency.  The definition of resiliency: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change (source www.merriam-webster.com).  Ability may require courage, or it may require compassion or competent skill.  The change could be positive (having a baby); long ago, I still had to do some serious adjusting to being a mom (note:  this is an example, I did not have a baby recently!).  Resiliency is proactive and reactive.  There are things you can do today to build resiliency that help you no matter what unexpected event happens.  Honestly, this is the harder work.  Taking time to challenge myself when I don’t have to.  When facing danger, of course, I’m going to act.  I want to develop more abilities to achieve resiliency no matter what.    

When I think back on these last few years, I have been resilient.  Not just cause I was courageous. For example, I had self-care habits.  I had learning skills.  I had listening skills.  I had communication skills.  I had emotional and social intelligence skills.  I had connections and respected sources to learn and gain support from.  Would pure grit have put me in the same place today? I don’t think so.  I’d survive but at what cost.

So in 2022, I don’t do new year’s resolutions.  Yet, I guess if I did have one – I’ll be actively thinking about what other abilities would help me be more resilient to the chaos of this world.

How are you building resiliency?

Tricia Broderick

Tricia Broderick

Tricia Broderick is a leadership and organizational advisor. Her transformational leadership at all levels of an organization, ignites growth of leaders and high performing teams to deliver quality outcomes. Tricia has more than twenty years of experience in the software development industry. She is a highly-rated trainer, coach, facilitator and motivational keynote speaker. Beyond her extensive knowledge and skills, her biggest offering is inspiring people to believe anything is possible.

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