Ignite Insight + Innovation

Ignite Insight + Innovation

Ignite Insight + Innovation was founded in 2020 by Tricia Broderick.  Simply, our mission is to provide authentic partnerships in igniting exceptional results.  For instance, this could entail igniting revolutionary human resources policies, igniting collaborative practices in an Agile team, igniting team co-intelligence, etc.  Above all, we are driven by our belief that problems can lead to opportunities and anything is possible for an inspired, skilled and resilient team.

Therefore, we approach every interaction with authenticity by transparently sharing an extensive body of knowledge that combines conceptual theories with real-world application experience.  We always lead, learn and laugh in every relationship with a commitment to unlock and ignite potential towards exceptional results.

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Tricia Broderick

Tricia Broderick, co-author of Lead without Blame, is a seasoned leadership and organizational advisor with over twenty-five years of experience in software development leadership.  She specializes in transforming leaders and teams to achieve quality outcomes through authentic, inclusive, and engaging collaboration.  Known for a people-first approach, Tricia is a sought-after leader, trainer, coach, facilitator, and motivational keynote speaker.  In 2020, she founded Ignite Insight + Innovation.

When not traveling to experience the world, Tricia lives in Denver with her family.


Computer Science & Engineering, BS Michigan State
Scrum Alliance: CST, CAL Educator, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, ACSM, CSM, CSPO
ICAgile: Fundamentals, Agile Project & Delivery Management, Agile Team Facilitation, Agile Coaching
The Leadership Circle™ Certified
CRR Global (ORSC)
Certified Training From the Back of the Room Trainer
Project Management Institute: PMP & ACP

Experience & Specialties

Leadership Training & Coaching
Agile Training & Coaching
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Speaker since 2010
Agile Alliance: Board of Directors 2018-2020, Conference Chair 2017
Roles: Founder, Executive, Principle, Director of Development, Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager, Team Lead, Functional Manager, Lead Software Engineer, Engineer
Industries: Financial, Energy, Gaming, Telecommunications, Health, Education, Consulting, ISV

No matter what topic Tricia covers, the practicality of her sessions is what sticks with you. LITERALLY. You’ll leave excited about how to bring her content back to your teams.”
~Angelo Cisneros

What Others Say…

Tricia has a way of connecting the theory and the application in such a way that it really sticks with you. Every class I’ve had a chance to take with her has not only advanced my career, but also jump started my personal growth in increasingly meaningful ways. Her experience allows her to speak as easily to executives as she does engineers and bridge the gaps between them. Using the lessons learned from Mrs. Broderick, I’ve been able to build some of the most effective and healthy teams I’ve ever had the honor to work with.

Jerimiah OwensVP of Enterprise Engineering

Bottom-line, Tricia is phenomenal. She combines a very deep knowledge of Agile with an amazing speaking, training and coaching ability with a candid, compassionate personality. She has a deep passion to see people learn and grow. Tricia can gain people's trust very quickly and has an exceptional gift of understanding the person she is dealing with and adapting to make the message resonate with them. With Tricia, people can expect to be pushed out of a comfort zone but in an exceptionally positive way.

Ahmed SidkyHead of Business Agility

I worked with Tricia in various roles as a leadership peer colleague and have since continued to attend her trainings. In that time, I observed her immense passion and energized approach to inspire others to do their best. I particularly remember her willingness to share and listen to real life experiences to work through retrospectives for the greatest desired outcomes. I would undoubtedly recommend Tricia to work with any individual and any organization. She is not only became my go-to but a lifelong confidant.

Tiffany BoydBusiness Process Mgt Director

When I first met Tricia, I could tell right away that she was passionate about not just 'doing agile' but more 'being agile'. She later invited me to speak on a conference panel about organizational transformation. I was again impressed as she is definitely a person that strives to understand the need over being perspective, seeks to apply the right sized agile approach to the problem at hand, and communicates the concepts of agility to be accessible to others in the best way possible.

Todd HoldenExecutive IT Director

It is difficult to adequately underscore how lucky I was to have had Tricia as my manager. Even now, years after we went our separate professional ways, she always makes time to coach, mentor and challenge me through work and life. As if that was not enough, her selflessness has expanded beyond me to help out my staff with outreach, advice, and perspective. My life is demonstrably better for having her support all these years. I highly recommend taking every opportunity to interact and/or work with Tricia. You will not be sorry.

Tony LambertVice President Client Engineering

Tricia was introduced to me as one of the best trainers. After having participated in Tricia's sessions, she masterfully delivers by bringing forth engagement, thinking outside the box, and providing key insights in a self-revealing flawless execution overlaid with fun and genuine interest. As she is willing to share her plethora of experience, I have often turned to her as a mentor and guide.

Sweta MistryOrganizational & Agile Coach


“Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.” ~Gertrude Stein

I have been upfront that I am able to help others because I was lucky enough to have people help me.  For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by amazing colleagues and friends that continue to challenge and encourage me.  Therefore, my goal became to pay this forward. At the risk of missing someone, there are several people that I want to highlight and appreciate specifically.

Shout out appreciation to people that I’ll never be able to thank enough!

Richard Enbody, Kevin Ohl, Chris Vana, Kimberly Scroggins, Ted Ohr, Kevin Knudson, Jill Nabonsal, William Kinser, Shailesh Potnis, Shailesh Patel, Barbara Spadafore, Bill Hamilton, Dewey Hou, Mike Cottmeyer, Mike Cohn, Pollyanna Pixton, Jean Tabaka, Olav Maassen, Alistair Cockburn, Diana Larsen, Esther Derby, Linda Rising, Lyssa Adkins, Paul Hammond, Llwelyn Falco, Doc List, Ahmed Sidky, Rachel Howard, Eric Wilkeke, Ronica Roth, Jessica Small, Dave Desrochers, Brian Dishaw, Jim Dusseau, David Dooley, Jeremy Raleigh, Chris Hefner, Blake Nyquist, Rhonda Herron, Lizzy Morris, Robin Morrison, Tiffany Boyd, Tamsen Mitchell and the entire amazing Agile For All crew.

And the few that have always gone the extra mile to support me: My family and friends, Brandon Carlson, Tony Dunckel, Tony Lambert, Jennifer Dyni, Andy Bell, Jake Calabrese, Becky Hartman and Christina Hartikainen.

Much love!


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