Unfortunately, saying thank you seems to be an after thought more and more. So at least once a month, I will take a few minutes to publicly appreciate someone that has had an impact on me.

This round:  Amy Chu                                

I have many people in the software development industry that I would refer to as my friend.   I met them within context of the industry: maybe we worked together, maybe we met at a conference, etc.  Yet, I also have friends that knew me before my career began.  

I met Amy in 1997. We were both in Women in Engineering and both in need a roommate for half of 1998.  A mutual friend connected us and the beginning of an amazing friendship started.

Over the years, a number of my personal (non-work related) friends have begun attending my events, conferences, trainings, etc.  I’ve loved every minute of bringing these worlds together but a few weeks ago, Amy managed to explode my mind. I was sharing an issue that I was having in the Agile community – one where I knew she had met some of the people involved.  Honestly, I was sharing to talk it out loud myself but then Amy dropped a huge aha moment in my lap…she remembered when I first met someone.  She had been there.  She had remembered our conversations right after meeting this person.  She was able to jolt a part of my memory that I wasn’t accessing but needed to desperately to move forward in this issue.  I know I thanked her a few times on that call alone but this public thank you seemed necessary.  Sometimes we forget things and having friends that span years with you – helps put everything into perspective.

So thank you for being a part of all of my worlds.

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Tricia Broderick

Tricia Broderick

Tricia Broderick is a leadership and organizational advisor. Her transformational leadership at all levels of an organization, ignites growth of leaders and high performing teams to deliver quality outcomes. Tricia has more than twenty years of experience in the software development industry. She is a highly-rated trainer, coach, facilitator and motivational keynote speaker. Beyond her extensive knowledge and skills, her biggest offering is inspiring people to believe anything is possible.

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