Leading Amazing Teams: Getting Started

We are excited to help you achieve your goal of Leading Amazing Teams (LAT).  This page contains the mandatory pre-work to prepare everyone to have a great experience in our course.  If you need any assistance before the class, please contact tricia.broderick@igniteii.com.

This course focuses on the next-level of skills and experience
that agile professionals need, specifically coaching skills.

The mandatory prework on this page consists of three parts: Scientific Management, Case Study and Miro Tool.  So no “dog ate my homework” excuses please!


Scientific Management

Fredrick Taylor published “The Principles of Scientific Management” in 1911 after working on the concepts for many years. Building on work others had done, Taylor focused on standardizing work processes so they are faster and more productive. While Scientific Management did not survive, core ideas persist today.

Please download the pdf for more information and answer the three questions to the right.

  • What concept(s) sounds like an idea in lean or agile?
  • What is one of the fundamental problems with Scientific Management?
  • What is an example from your workplace that seems like it may be based on Scientific Management?


Case Study by the
Cornell University ILR School

A key learning objective for the class is to explore how another organization practices agile or agility like ideas. There are many case studies out there on ‘agile organizations.’ We often hear people talk about transforming organizations or becoming agile. We will be exploring a case study on a company called FAVI, who has a long history of doing things that are focused on agility, although they have not called it that.

  • What does FAVI do?
  • Where are they located?
  • What sector does FAVI get most of its turnover (revenue)? What percentage?
  • FAVI’s management is convinced that innovation and quality are key to their ongoing success. What are the three elements of FAVI’s strategy?


We’ll be using Miro a lot during the course, so this video helps you get familiar with that technology before the course starts.  In addition, we will have time focused during the course to teach the basics of this tool.

INTRODUCTION: For those new to Miro.