CSM: Getting Started

We are excited to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).  This is the mandatory pre-work to prepare everyone to have a great experience in our course.  If you need any assistance before the class, please contact tricia.broderick@igniteii.com.

Agile & Scrum Introduction

An Agile and Scrum introduction to help get you ready for the next steps in learning.  Please watch the following videos and submit the answers to the three questions at the end of the page.   

Source:  Videos are a subset of material created and given permission to share
by former colleague, Peter Green with Humanizing Work.

1. What is Agile? 9:50

We’ll explore the question of what Agile is, how it differs from Scrum and why it matters.

2. Scrum Theory 5:47

We’ll answer these questions:  Why Scrum? What is it built to do?

3. Scrum Values 3:16

We’ll describe the values that make Scrum work in practice.

4. Scrum Roles 2:39

We’ll explain the three roles within the Scrum Team.

5. Intro to Scrum Events 3:34

We’ll get an overview of how all of the Scrum Events work together as a system.

6. Scrum Artifacts 3:48

We’ll highlight the three artifacts of Scrum (something that humans make).

Review What You've Learned

Please submit your answers to the following questions.  Unfortunately, you will not receive information for now on whether your answers are correct.  Bring your answers to the course to find out!